Boxfresh: Space Jump Salute – Mr Piwi EP

The contradictions continue! Here’s yet another post about house music, partly because it’s actually good house music, and partly because we couldn’t resist supporting someone who wears their space fetish on their sleeve as proudly as us. In the interests of maintaining some sort of cohesive blog voice, we’re gonna have to get nit-picky here and point out that although more posts about good house might seem to conflict with this week’s Throwback Thursdays post, we did say that our main issue with house was the lack of rhythm of the basic 4-to-the-floor template. There’s no issue for us if artists build layers on that template in interesting ways.


Space Jump Salute has done exactly that, crafting three tracks that are as pleasing to the ear as they are filled with classic samples (very). Once again, the tracks are available for free download, just follow the links on his soundcloud, and you will be rewarded.

Best track:  This World




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